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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City – New Game Plus

After 20 years of bad live-action adaptations of Resident Evil, “Welcome to Raccoon City” is my favorite, so I figured I might as well try to optimize it. I like the casting, cinematography, original score, set design, and how it at least generally emulates the structure of the first two games. I dislike the bloated plot and out-of-character behavior, especially for Leon. With my edit, Leon and Claire become the heroes of their own stories, and the simpler plot trims the runtime to less than 90 minutes, leaving a quick and more enjoyable experience to wrap up before it overstays its welcome.


  • Removed subplots I thought broke immersion, slowed pacing, or otherwise were executed poorly:
    • Chris and Claire growing up at the orphanage, including all flashbacks. Although: The Redfields still lost their parents at a young age, Chris still grew up under William and Umbrella’s influence, and Claire still ran away from home and distrusts William and Umbrella.
    • Everything related to Lisa, who doesn’t make sense without the flashbacks
  • Significantly reframed how Leon’s characterized. He’s still a rookie, but:
    • He’s no longer at the receiving end of every criticism, outburst, or joke
    • He didn’t transfer to Raccoon City because of a friendly fire accident
    • He doesn’t appear to be touching a gun for the first time
    • He doesn’t let Ben steal the gun
    • He defends himself more proactively
  • Removed the mid-credits scene, partly because it’s cheesy and partly because it teases a highly unlikely sequel
  • Changed some of the background music where necessary because of heavily edited scenes
  • Updated the logo and time stamps to emulate the style of the video game series
  • Removed a shot of Claire eating unrefrigerated pizza
  • Removed dialogue suggesting Leon’s interested in Jill romantically
  • Removed dialogue/shots suggesting a Chris/Jill/Wesker love triangle
  • Removed or shortened some of Chief Irons’ outbursts
  • Removed a generic “creepy children’s toy” shot



September 2023

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